Farmyard Adventure is an episode of Ruff Ruff, Tweet, and Dave.

Summary Edit

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave get to work down on the farm. They take the cows to the milking barn, collect the eggs from the hens and pick the ripe strawberries from the fields. All these tasty treats make a fantastic meal!

Plot Edit

The episode starts where Hatty introduces himself and goes to Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Daves house. Hatty sees that the 3 are pretending to be animals. Ruff-Ruff is pretending to be a sheep, and Tweet is pretending to be a duck. Dave pretends to be a hungry Panda, but Hatty reassures him that Panda bears aren't farm animals. Tweet then asks what kind of adventure they are going on. Hatty tells them that Farmer Fred was taking a day off and wanted them to look after his farm. After he announced the adventure, the title card then appears. Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave then go to their rollypods as they aboard the spin again for their adventure.

Once they arrive, Hatty hears a rooster clucking. He says that's a good morning from the rooster. Ruff Ruff hears a sheep and tries to find one by being a farm dog. Hatty then finds Farmer Fred's note on the fence and reads it to Tweet and Dave. Ruff Ruff chases after a sheep causing Hatty to spin and lose the note. He gets a little mad of what Ruff Ruff has done. The now have to remember the jobs to do. Dave remembers that to take the cows to the milking bar. Ruff Ruff finds the cows and asks Hatty where to take them. Hatty is not sure without Farmer Fred's note. Tweet tries to figure out but she also doesn't remember. The first Game Time then begins. 

The first question is, "What do cows give us?" Ruff-Ruff says "Milk", Tweet says "orange juice", and Dave says "chocolate mousse." Ruff-Ruff got the right answer. Milk comes from cows.