Ruff-Ruff is a red and black who always says "ruff"; he is a playful dog, with a bone. Ruff lost farmer Fred's list in A Farmyard Adventure once. He is voiced by Ethan Drake Davis and Joseph West in the UK.

Quotes Edit


"Ruff ruff"

"Oh Ruff"

Trivia Edit

  • Like Dave, he is very silly at times.
  • He and Tweet are the only two main characters with animal sounds as names.
  • Ruff-Ruff loves to chase around Mr. Squirrel whenever he appears.
  • At the end of each episode with the exception of A Christmas Adventure when the final guessing game starts, he is seen playing with his yellow ball.
  • He acts like a real dog because of his digging, he loves playing ball, barks, and loves his bone.


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